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BBC: Paulinho to sign with Spurs "next week"

David Ornstein from the BBC tweets that Paulinho is set to sign with Tottenham after the Confederations Cup despite interest from Real Madrid. Hooray for good news!

Coming soon?
Coming soon?
Michael Regan

The Paulinho-to-Spurs story is one that, for Spurs, has moved pretty swiftly and been pretty straight forward. No angsty, long, drawn-out talks, no media organizations tapping up the player, no goal-post moving by the selling club. (Yes, I'm looking at you, Leandro Damiao.) But because the media doesn't like Spurs to have nice things, there's been talk of a late gazumping for the Brazilian midfielder by the likes of Real Madrid and Chelsea, and unsourced talk of Corinthians requesting that Paulinho stay through the Recopa Sudamericana.

It's nice, then, to get some positive news from perhaps the most respected sport media organizations in Britain. David Ornstein of the BBC tweeted this today:

When the Beeb tweets something, it means there's a very, very good chance that it's not complete bollocks. Not that there isn't still ambiguity. This confirms that Real is interested in Paulinho, which seems a bit counterproductive; seems kinda stupid to gazump a Spurs deal if you really really want to sign their best player. But the tweet also implies that talks are already well underway with Tottenham and that quite likley Paulinho will be wearing lilywhite after the Confederations Cup is over.

Don't bust out the .gif party quite yet, but this is good news. Baldini's bringing home the bacon, y'all.

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