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Report: Villa agrees to personal terms with Spurs ahead of move

A report this morning indicates that David Villa has agreed to move to Tottenham this summer. All that's left is the transfer fee.

David Villa
David Villa
Alexandre Loureiro

Boy howdy, do we love unsourced transfer rumors at Cartilage Free Captain, especially when they give us good news and don't try and take our toys away. Today, a UK website reported that Barcelona striker David Villa has essentially said yes to moving to Tottenham Hotspur this summer.

Writer Greg Stobart reports that David Villa has reached a "broad agreement" on personal terms in negotiations with Franco Baldini. What this means nobody quite knows yet. Stobart indicates that it's "over £100k/week," but that Villa knows he'll have to take a reduction from his Barcelona wages in order to make a deal. Spurs boss AVB "has spoken informally to Villa on the phone," writes Stobart, "while the club's new technical director, Franco Baldini, has held productive discussions with the 31-year-old's agent."

The hang-up, according to Stobart, remains the transfer fee. Barcelona wants £12m, Spurs want to get down to £8m. Since Villa is 31, you can probably expect Daniel Levy will try and squeeze every farthing out of Barça that he can. Discussions are ongoing.

Blah blah blah blah no quotes blah blah We know, we know. And you know what? It's still exciting. There are a lot of moving parts yet, but between Paulinho, Villa, and a rumored swoop for Henrik Mkhitaryan, I'd say that'd be a pretty successful summer of transfer window activity, don't you? And the window hasn't even opened yet! Is this real life?

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