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Rumored leaked Tottenham Hotspur kits for 2013-14

I have mixed emotions.

Leaked kit?
Leaked kit?
/r/coys on Reddit

The above photo comes from the COYS subreddit and it's ... something. The redditor who dug it up says that he found it buried on Spurs' Under Armour gear section on Under Armour's site. If you're thinking there's something out of whack with the sponsor logo, there isn't -- Autonomy is a Hewlett Packard company. We wouldn't have to announce any kind of new deal before putting HP on our shirts. They're technically already our sponsors.

Anyway, the kit with the gigantic HP logo on what looks to be the away kit is absolutely ridiculous. I don't like the black collar and ring around the sleeves on the home shirt at all. The third shirt is by far the best of the three and I'd buy one if it was real.

Of course, we have no reason to believe that this is (or is not) real. We're just bored and speculating because it's the summer and this dropped. I haven't found a thorough debunking or piece of confirmation anywhere on the internet, so if you've seen either, offer it up in the comments.

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