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David Villa 'showed pre-contract with Arsenal' to Barcelona board

Rumored Tottenham Hotspur target David Villa tried to put pressure on Barcelona to sell him by showing that he had a pre-contract agreement with Arsenal, says Spanish journalist Axel Torres.

David Ramos

During an interview with talkSPORT radio, Spanish football journalist Axel Torres (who you can find on Twitter here) claimed that David Villa will be coming to England, but that the club he will join has not yet been decided. However, he did claim that Villa has a pre-contract agreement with Arsenal that he showed to the Barcelona board. You can listen to the entire interview here, with the Villa segment coming around the 8-minute mark.

Gunnersphere transcribed the quotes about Villa from the radio interview:

‘He's coming to England. But we don't know which team. I've been told he's showed a pre-contract with Arsenal to the board of Barcelona. He's showed he had an agreement with Arsenal, but it's not the final agreement. He showed it to the board of Barcelona to put pressure on them and he wants to go to England. He doesn't want to be a Barcelona player. He has no good relations with some of the important players in the squad and he knows he has to play if he wants to be in the starting line-up for Spain at the World Cup next year.'

If this is true, it's obviously a bit of a blow to Tottenham's hopes of signing the Barcelona striker, but pre-contracts don't really mean much. It just means that he has some interest in joining Arsenal and that they were willing to help him try to force his way out of Barcelona. When it comes down to it, Arsene Wenger might be unwilling to pay the transfer fee and wages that would be required to lock up Villa.

The bit that Torres mentioned about the World Cup is important, and it's something to keep in mind when reading about all transfer rumors this summer, and especially next January. Players who hail from nations likely to play in the World Cup are, in many cases, going to put playing time ahead of club prestige and money for one year only. With Tottenham's squad set up as they are now, Villa would probably be first choice tomorrow.

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