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Tottenham have a chance to sign Gonzalo Higuain

If Juventus isn't going to up their bid for Gonzalo Higuain, Spurs could step in and buy the striker from Real Madrid, but it will cost a pretty penny.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

If Tottenham Hotspur want to sign Gonzalo Higuain, there is certainly an opening for them to step in and get the Argentine striker. On top of the fact that Higuain has said that he will leave Real Madrid this summer, now comes word from Gazzetta that his presumed buyer, Juventus, has fallen well short of what the Merengues want for him.

Juventus have reportedly bid €22 million for Higuain, which is a pretty penny no doubt, but not near the €30 million that Real Madrid want for him. That original bid has already been rejected and with Fernando Llorente already joining the club this summer, there is a real possibility that Juventus decide €30 million is too rich them now that they aren't desperate for a striker.

If Spurs are willing to shell out what Real Madrid want, it's easy to imagine Higuain pulling on a white shirt at White Hart Lane. But like Juventus need to decide whether Higuain is worth €30 million to them, Tottenham have to decide whether the striker is worth that much to them.

For Tottenham, it is a matter of whether they have other options. Higuain is worth €30 million and Spurs need a striker, but there are other excellent strikers that can be had for cheaper. Meanwhile, Spurs could use another midfielder and especially a central defender as well, areas that probably won't be addressed if Tottenham spend €30 million on Higuain. If Tottenham can solve their striker woes for cheaper and then buy a midfielder and defender, it would be the best way to go about things, but priorities numbers one, two and three are striker and if Higuain is the best Spurs can do up top, they need to jump on him and solve that striker problem for good.

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