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A Sunday trivia question

This actually won't be a running feature. I'm just working on a plus-minus statistic out of the MBM database, and I found something that really surprised me.

Ian Walton

I think this has significant implications both for our evaluations of the 2012-2013 Tottenham Hotspur season and for our understanding of the transfer market and roster construction.

1) How many unique starting elevens did Tottenham use in the 2012-2013 Premier League season? That is, in how many games did Tottenham start a match with a lineup of eleven player who had never played as a group in an EPL game before?

2) Which starting XIs were repeated? That is, which lineups did Tottenham use more than once to start an English Premier League match? And how many times were each of them repeated?

I'll reveal the answer in the comments. If you win, we'll mail you a puppy named Ledley. He's cute.

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