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Nobody wants to buy Leandro Damiao

Should have taken that £15m, huh guys?

Julian Finney

After seven? eight? years of flirting with Spurs, playing hard to get with Spurs, using Spurs to drum up interest in bigger clubs, negotiating with Spurs only to move the goalposts on the agreement at the last minute, and basically just screwing with Spurs at every possible opportunity, Leandro Damiao finds himself without any suitors. Especially not Spurs.

Poor Leandro Damiao.

We brought you the news yesterday that Southampton were interested in snapping up the striker. But today Internacional's director of futbol has come out and said that actually nobody really wants to buy Damiao at all. Not a single formal bid has been submitted by anyone.

"Nothing has come, clubs from everywhere sound him out all the time, but we don't even consider that anymore, as there are too many enquiries but offers never come," the Internacional chief told 'Esporte Interativo.

After years of jerking people around, Internacional finally get to know what it feels like to wait by the phone for hours, breathlessly waiting for it to ring.

I bet that £15m we offered a couple years ago is sounding pretty good right about now, huh?


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