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Tottenham pursuing Inter Milan playmaker

Tancredi Palmeri is out here winding people up again, and I love it.

Claudio Villa

Sup, y'all? Time for some fun with Twitter's best wind-up merchant, the one and only Tancredi Palmeri. He says that Tottenham Hotspur are in for Inter Milan playmaker Fredy Guarin.

That last line refers to the current ownership situation at Inter Milan, which is currently in flux.*

As for what he might do for Spurs if he signed, he's a very adept playmaker in midfield who is closer to a Luka Modric-type than a No. 10. He's not a true deep-lying playmaker and he's probably not good enough defensively to play in a two-man midfield, but he's a better passer from deep than anyone on our team save for Tom Huddlestone. He's better than Huddlestone at everything else other than growing an afro and being large.

If Tancredi got accurate information, this is yet another indicator that we're set for a permanent shift to 4-3-3.

*This post originally referred to the possibility of third-party ownership. We don't have any information that Guarin is owned by a third-party investor. Apologies.

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