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Andros Townsend handed four month ban

The English FA have handed Tottenham Hotspur winger Andros Townsend a fourth month ban stemming from his betting charge.

Bryn Lennon

Last week we reported that Andros Townsend was in trouble for gambling. We weren't handed too many details, but now it seems like we know a little more. Daily Telegraph correspondent Ben Rumsby is reporting that Townsend will be handed a four month ban.

That's a pretty hefty ban, even if he won't actually end up missing any games for Tottenham. We still have no idea what Townsend bet on or what he told to people to influence their betting. Regardless, this is obviously something very serious if the FA saw fit to hand out a four month ban. That's a longer ban than you get for racially abusing or biting another player.

The important thing here is that Townsend won't miss games for Spurs unless he screws up again. If there is another proven violation of the Football Association's betting rules between now and 2016, however, Townsend will have to immediately serve the suspended threee months.

Townsend's one month ban that he does have to serve is backdated to May 23. He will miss the European Under-21 Championships, but will be available for the start of Tottenham's preseason training. The FA further announced that Townsend has been fined £18,000.

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