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Franco Baldini offered Technical Director job: Castles

Per Duncan Castles, appointment is imminent after Baldini discusses his current position with AS Roma.

Paolo Bruno

According to Duncan Castles, Tottenham have officially approached Baldini for the job of Technical Director, and the move is likely to go through after Baldini discusses his position with AS Roma this week. AS Roma are in turmoil after this past season, failing to win the Coppa Italia and preparing to welcome in their third manager in three years to the club. From reports in Italy, it sounds like Baldini is ready to fall on his sword for James Pallotta, especially as the fans have turned against the former English assistant.

Tottenham have been pursuing Baldini for the past year, seen as the best compliment for Andre Villas-Boas. Baldini showed reluctance to leave the Roma job last summer but given how the job is going for him, that has changed this summer. Baldini attempted to bring Villas-Boas to Roma before his move to Chelsea, and the two appear to have a close relationship.

What this will mean for Tottenham is a continental style of management. Baldini has been attempting to install a Barcelona style set up at AS Roma, Baldini has been very aggressive with his transfer policy, searching for young, talented players on the cusp of becoming even better. He also shows a familiarity and willingness to bring South American talent in directly, rather than let them go to one of the Portuguese clubs. The best example of this is Erik Lamela from River Plate, but his capture of Leandro Castan from Corinthians, a decent center back for little cash, was also good. Regardless, it appears as if the days of a continental system are back in Tottenham, for the first time since the sacking of Damien Comolli.

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