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Leandro Damiao's agent is lukewarm on Spurs move

Leandro Damiao isn't not coming to Spurs maybe!

Christof Koepsel

Spurs fans' favorite tease is back, and this time Leandro Damiao's agent has said that this summer could be the summer Damiao is finally set to head to Europe:

"With the improvement he has been showing I think he is mature enough to leave, he is ready to play in Europe," Prates told Zero Hora.

"If it was just a matter of money, he would have left a long time ago. Leandro Damiao's dream is to play the World Cup.

"If he leaves, it will be to a big club, he is under contract until 2016 and the club gives him every condition for him to achieve that dream.

A big club? What does that mean for Tottenham Hotspur? Are we a big club?

"Our idea is to always work with big clubs, all players dream of playing in the Champions League. But Tottenham are an important club in London, we can't rule them out."

Alright! We're not big or in the Champions League, but we're definitely just sort of possibly ok enough that he can't rule us out! Great job, Spurs!

Basically Leandro Damiao, his agent, and Internacional have been jerking us around for the past 18 months hoping to tempt a bigger club with more money into making an offer. But in 18 months, Leandro Damiao hasn't improved enough for anyone bigger than Spurs to actually care. Even so, a stagnated Damiao still would make him Spurs' best striker.

May the saga drag ever on and on!

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