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Etienne Capoue a realistic target for Tottenham Hotspur?

Tottenham Hotspur could do with another midfielder. Is Etienne Capoue the answer?

Julian Finney

Toulouse has been a fringe Champions League contender in Ligue 1 for a while now, but they appear to be heading backwards. Monaco's arrival in the league won't exactly help matters. That's why one of their best players, Etienne Capoue, is looking to move on to bigger and better things. We've been vaguely linked to him in the past, as Sky Sports pointed out today.

Here's what Capoue had to say to L'Equipe, with English translation below from Sky.

"If [the Toulouse manager] wants to keep me, that is good. That says that he counts on me, that he is happy with me. But it is football. I feel it is the moment to leave, to play in big competitions. Right now, I am with the national team and I continue to represent TFC. We will talk about it again after June 10."

That Sky story also mentions links to AC Milan and Arsenal, who would both be excellent fits for Capoue. He'd probably slot into the starting XI of both of those teams right away, while he might have to compete with Moussa Dembele and Sandro for playing time in Spurs' team. Andre Villas-Boas could conceivably play all three together, but they'd make for an overly defensive midfield three against most opponents.

Capoue is very good defensively, an excellent athlete and an excellent passer, so he could play a couple of different roles in different systems. I'm sure our resident Ligue 1 nerd and Etienne Capoue love letter-writer Bryan A. will have more to say on him at some point.

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