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Christian Benteke is not coming to Spurs, and player-plus-cash deals never go down

Let's stop pretending this is realistic.

Mark Thompson

Our good friends at The Mirror are reporting that Tottenham Hotspur have offered Jermain Defoe as part of a bid for Aston Villa striker Christian Benteke. They also indicated that Atletico Madrid and Arsenal are interested, with Atletico Madrid willing to bid up to £25 million. After selling Falcao, they have cash to burn.

Here's what The Mirror had to say.

In a shock move, the north Londoners have proposed what culd be one of the biggest deals of the summer as they bid to offload the England striker and fans' favourite, who is surplus to requirements at White Hart Lane. Villa have so far rejected the chance to sign 30-year-old Defoe ... Spurs are desperate to steal a march on their rivals and offered Defoe - who they value at around £7m - two weeks ago in a bid to sweeten a deal.

If you're Aston Villa and you are offered £25 million cash or £18 million plus Jermain Defoe for Christian Benteke, you probably reject both offers. And if you accept either, it's the straight cash. You accept the straight cash over £24 million plus Defoe.

As much as we like Jermain Defoe, he's a 30-year-old one-trick pony who hasn't put together a truly good season since the 2009-10 campaign, when he was 27 and playing alongside Peter Crouch. Spurs are linked to these types of deals where they throw in a castoff bit part or reject player to try to sweeten a deal with a team and they never happen because no one wants our castoffs. Villa would probably look into Defoe if he was available on a free, though they probably wouldn't be willing to pay the wages he makes now, even if they didn't have to pay a fee to get him. He's an okay player and Paul Lambert probably thinks he can find better and more valuable players.

Like, you know, Christian Benteke. Who Villa paid £7m for.

Benteke has three years left on his contract and there's no reason to believe that his production will go backwards next season. If he performs at the same level or better next season, then goes to the World Cup with Belgium, Benteke will be worth even more than he is now. Villa have no incentive to sell him, especially when the prize on the other end is Jermain Defoe.

Unless Spurs are willing to write a fat check for £25-30 million -- which they're probably not willing to do -- they don't have any hope of signing Benteke this summer. Defoe doesn't make a potential deal better. He's some lame bait you throw out in case the other party is silly enough to bite.

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