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Tottenham Hotspur Prospect Rankings, #18: Jordan Archer

Scottish goalkeeper Jordan Archer has done well in his loan spells thus far in his career and it's those performances that make him our number eighteen prospect.

Jan Kruger

Goalkeepers are notoriously slow at developing. Certainly there are young talents like Thibalt Courtois and David De Gea, but it just seems that keepers always take much longer to develop than any other position. That said, Jordan Archer seems to be progressing nicely. The Scottish Under-21 international, who joined Tottenham Hotspur back in 2009, made 27 appearances while on loan at Wycombe Wanderers in League Two this season after playing in the Conference National last season.

Unfortunately for Archer, this season will most likely be remembered for his being attacking by a Gillingham fan back in February. However, in 27 appearances for Wycombe he kept nine clean sheets (conceding 36 goals) and, according to ESPN, made 116 saves (an average 4.3 per game). I would say that those performances certainly merit a step up in league in the coming season.

Archer certainly has the size one would look for in a goal keeper. He's 6'3" and he's a solid 180 lbs. He's essentially Tottenham's fourth best goalkeeper at this point, behind Hugo Lloris, Brad Friedel, and Heurelho Gomes. I don't think Archer has much of a future at Spurs. Even if Tottenham hadn't just acquired on of the best goalkeepers in the world, Archer probably won't ever reach the level required for him to play regularly for Spurs.

If I were a betting man, I would wager that Archer will never be much more than a Championship level keeper, but Tottenham might be eventually able to earn some money off of him. Archer signed a contract extension with the club in February, so he will be with Spurs until at least 2015. The hope probably is that between now and then he will show enough talent while out on loan for someone else to purchase him.

If I'm being honest, Archer is close to as good as Alex Smithies, Huddersfield's young English keeper who gets a lot more press. Smithies is three years older, was never capped at the U-21 level and played last season in League One. Archer is 20 and should be looking to play in League One next season. Archer is probably better right now than some of the prospects higher on this list, but the fact that his ceiling is significantly lower makes this spot about right for him.

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