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Tottenham Hotspur scouts Fulham winger in Sweden

Alexander Kacaniklic being watched by Spurs scouts?

Ian Walton

Former Liverpool youth player Alexander Kacaniklic had a breakout season this past year at Fulham, making 20 appearances and scoring four goals along the way. The 21 year-old winger is already a full international, having been capped eight times by Sweden. In his most recent outing with the national team, Daniel Sousa, Tottenham's chief scout, ran his eye over the player. According to Kacaniklic's agent, Miro Jaganjac:

I know that Tottenham were there and looked at Alex and I talked to their representative who was there. Obviously Alexander interesting for many clubs as he continues to do well in international matches and the Premier League.

When asked about Spurs' interest, Kacaniklic spouted the typical non-answer footballers are so fond of:

Tottenham went to look at yourself from Macedonia?

- Yes, I know. It feels good as it gets and there are very many good players at Tottenham and it's flattering that they check on me. But I am in Fulham now and will not talk about other clubs. I'm very happy where I am now, but everyone who plays wants to come and play in the absolute best clubs.

So assuming Swedish journalism is at all reputable and Kacaniklic and his agent aren't gigantic liars, then it would appear Spurs are at least somewhat interested in the player.

He's a promising talent coming off the back of a pretty good season, and since Fulham are our new feeder club, it makes some amount of sense. He'd be a decent pickup, but he's probably not going to set the world on fire.

But given that Bale, Lennon, Sigurdsson, Dempsey, and Townsend will already all be competing next season for the two wide forward slots in our probable 4-3-3 formation, it's strange to see us linked with so many wide players. But it looks like we can add Kacaniklic to a list that already includes the likes of Tom Ince, Christian Atsu, and Son Heung-Min.

(And don't be alarmed by the fact that Liverpool dumped him on Fulham in part exchange for Paul Konchesky. I promise that says less about Kacaniklic than it does about Roy Hodgson.)

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