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Bale praises AVB, Spurs teammates in Spurs TV interview

Gareth Bale had some wonderful things to say about his team, his game, and the accolades he has received. But ultimately, it doesn't tell us much about where he'll play next year.

Laurence Griffiths

As reported today in the London Evening Standard, Gareth Bale gave an interview with Spurs TV yesterday where he said some very positive things about Spurs manager Andre Villas Boas and his feelings about playing for Tottenham Hotspur.

About Villas-Boas, Bale said the following:

"He has helped me in all aspects of my game. In training we have been working on things that I can do in games and in games he has given me the confidence to do what I want and do what I do best, which is a massive thing for a player.

Everyone was excited about him coming in. He is a young manager and he has got a great past at Porto. Maybe not so much at Chelsea but given time, like he has been this season, he has shown what a good manager he is. It has been a very exciting time for the club.

He has tried his new tactics, his new style of play with us. Sometimes it does take a bit of time just to get used to it and at the start of the season I think that was a bit difficult. But we adapted and got stronger and stronger."

Bale also talked a little about his game and about his reception from opposing fans:

"You just keep focused on the job in hand... It has been an amazing season for me but it has been a great team effort. We have grown as a team all season and I think that helped me individually and that is why I am able to play so well and get my awards...

You get used to [abuse from opposing fans]. I suppose it's a compliment, that they don't want you doing anything good, they try to put you off. It's all good fun and games."

Despite the headline from the Evening Standard, these quotes really don't tell us much about whether Bale will be in a Spurs shirt next year. But quotes like this are very nice to hear, and don't give credence to any rumors that may suggest that Bale is unsettled at White Hart Lane. If anything, these are the quotes of a player who is happy at Tottenham, is loving his football, his teammates, and his manager. And gosh if that doesn't help settle the nerves in the face of a potential mega-bid from Real Madrid.

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