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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links June 7, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur news was pretty slow yesterday, but Manchester City made an expensive signing and, as usual, there are match fixing allegations in Italy.

Laurence Griffiths

Happy Friday, Spursland! Well, look at that, another week of summer gone. Bale is still here, and nobody has come in. Say nothing changes in 2 and a half months, would you be ok with that?

And now the "news"

Major UK Paper Refers To A Friendship Between Two Adults As "Man-Love" In Title-Mirror

So I have to assume that the author watched I Love You Man last night. Bet he thought this was hilarious and cutting edge. In the end it was really just kind of odd.

Gareth Bale Makes A Great Save-Spurs Official

I know this is old, but not a lot is happening and I have been wondering about this for awhile and I have to assume that I am not alone in this. But what is that on Bale's head, it seems to big to be considered a headband, is it some sport of hipster half a hat? I need one in my life. Perhaps it will make my cheek bones look more like Gareth's and less like I've hung pork chops over them.

City Complete Fernandinho Signing-SB Nation Soccer

If Ronaldinho and this other dude had a baby.

Another Summer, Another Set Of Italian Match Fixing Allegations-SB Nation Soccer

Italian football is the pro wrestling of football, I have reached that conclusion. Predetermined conclusions and there is a specific group of people that swear it is awesome. The only difference is that pro wrestling hasn't tried to represent itself as a true sporting event since the early 90s.

Reports Indicate Arsenal Have Made Fellaini Bid-The Short Fuse

There are few strikers in England that I feel more threatened by than this dude. Watching people launch crosses and corners in at him when he plays against spurs fills me with a sense of dread not felt in my bones since my father made me get something out of the basement when I was 3. Please David Moyes I am begging you, Sell Rooney anyone but Arsenal and use the money to Buy Fellaini. I can accept not beating you guys in the table (for now, that hopefully will change in a few years. But the fear I have of a Wallcott, Rooney, and Fellaini attack for Arsenal, esh. Yes, that is the literary representation of the sound these thought produce from my mouth. (Editor's Note: TheRoosevelts spelled Fellaini's name three different ways in this section. Not one of them was correct.)

Mourinho Says Words About Former Players-Managing Madrid

Mourinho's comments like this about his players are exactly how I imagine the mean comments go down in the ladies room of the bar. It is like if you wanted to be that kind of an person, then Jose just taught you a 45-second master class.

Rugby Fight!-Deadspin

It is important to note that this is Rugby League, not Rugby Union. This is, if anything, the least badass form of rugby that is 15-a-side. Let that marinate in your retinas for a minute.