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Tottenham set to release David Bentley, William Gallas, youth

Gallas and Bentley are the two most notable players to be released on free transfers by the club this off-season.

Gallo Images

While it's not yet on the official site, several sources are reporting that Tottenham Hotspur has released David Bentley and William Gallas from the club on free transfers, as well as several players in the youth academy who have not quite made the cut.

Most notably, David Bentley is considered one of the biggest Spurs flops in recent memory, having signed for Spurs for over £16m from Blackburn in 2008. While his impact at Spurs has been on the whole negligible, he will always be remembered for THAT goal in Spurs' 4-4 draw in the 2008 North London Derby (Bentley's goal starts at 0:08):

We may not miss David Bentley's game or his drag on the wage bill, but we will certainly, definitely miss his hair. Godspeed, David.

William Gallas signed for Spurs from Arsenal on a free transfer back in 2010. The former Arsenal captain had three solid years, at times anchoring the Spurs back line, and earned the nickname "Big Game Gallas." Over the past year, his body and his game began to deteriorate until finally injuries sidelined him for good in the spring. But Gallas should be remembered as a solid contributor to the club, and I wish him well in whatever comes next.

In addition, Spurs reportedly have released a number of academy and youth players, including Jack Munns, Jack Bartram, John Bostock, and Jake Nicholson. John Bostock was a young player with bags of ability signed at age 16 from Crystal Palace. Bostock showed a lot of promise, but was never able to make an impact, ending up in numerous loans including a couple with the San Jose Earthquakes in MLS.

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