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International football open thread

Come chat with CFC during all of the internationals

Ian Walton

It's international ball-kicking time! You can catch a couple of Spurs players suiting up for Belgium at 7:45 pm UK, 2:45 pm ET. You can catch Siggy playing for Iceland just 15 minutes after that. Clint Dempsey will captain the U.S. super late, at 9:30 p.m. ET.

The best game during this international slate is probably Czech Republic-Italy, at 7:45 pm UK/2:45 pm ET. Russia-Portugal kicks off an hour after that. South American qualifying starts at 4 pm ET, and the best game of the round (and probably of the day anywhere on earth) is Argentina-Colombia, at 6 pm ET.

This is your open thread for all internationals, so chat away.