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Gomes expecting to leave Tottenham Hotspur

File under: Duh.

Claudio Villa

Pour some out for Heurelho Gomes, the Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper who is more like a former Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper. He played part of last season on loan at Hoffenheim and thinks it was enough to find a buyer that will pay him decent wages and give him a chance to start. He told Globo Esporte that he sees his future away from Tottenham.

Quotes below are via Sky Sports:

"My spell in Germany was very good as I helped to save Hoffenheim from relegation to the second division. I had a five-month loan deal as I was not playing at Tottenham. Now it's over and I have to report for duty with Tottenham but it's likely I will leave so I can continue my career as I am doing very well."

Gomes would make a solid backup for Tottenham if Brad Friedel decides that he's done with football -- and there's no indication that he'll do so -- but he probably isn't terribly interested in that. If he's willing to take a cut on his wages, Gomes can find a job as a starter in a top flight somewhere, even if he has to go back to Brazil.

For the three of you who were hoping to see Gomes stick around to start in cups and the Europa League next year, sorry!

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