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Tottenham Hotspur chase FC Twente Winger Nacer Chadli

Various reports suggest Tottenham Hotspur are pursuing FC Twente's wide forward. He's good, but is he Andros Townsend-good?

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

So, full disclosure: While I've watched a little Eredivisie this last year, I wasn't really paying attention to Nacer Chadli (or anyone from FC Twente, for that matter). I wasn't watching Nacer Chadli because he plays a position Tottenham Hotspur have pretty well covered in the form of Gareth Bale, Andros Townsend and Gylfi Sigurdsson. All three of those dudes are pretty good at their jobs. "We've got the left wing covered," I thought. No need to watch Chadli or anyone else at that position.

According to the Independent, however, I thought wrong. Jack DeMenezes says this:

Chadli is valued at around £7.75 million by the Dutch club, though it has been reported that Spurs have made an offer worth £6m, with the two clubs looking likely to come to a compromise that will see the 23-year-old make the switch to White Hart Lane.

DeMenezes goes on to suggest that the Belgian-born winger would sign a five year contract and provide competition for Aaron Lennon and cover for Bale. Chadli's 23, which makes him a contemporary of both Townsend and Siggy; he scored 10 goals in the Eredivisie and 18 in all competitions for Twente last season, which is solid; and he has positional flexibility. I could totally see why a team would want to procure his services. I just don't know why this team would.

The Independent article is detailed, which suggest this might actually be happening and makes the whole situation all the weirder. So I need your help, lovely commentariat: In what context does a move for Chadli make sense? Are Spurs selling one of Townsend, Sigurdsson or Lennon? Did we catch whatever positional fever they have at Chelsea and just decide there's no such thing as too many wingers at any one club? What if our waking lives are actually dreams, and our real existence occurs in what we normally think of as subconscious sleepytime nonsense?

So those are the reports. Someone, somewhere, thinks Tottenham Hotspur is trying to buy FC Twente's Nacer Chadli. We wake, and take our waking slow. In dreams begin #batcountries.

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