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Agent: PSV has not bid for Gomes

Tottenham reserve keeper Gomes has been linked with a return to PSV, but apparently there have been no bids for the Brazilian.

Clive Rose

Once the unquestioned number one for Tottenham Hotspur, Brazilian goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes has fallen so far down the Spurs roster since 2011 that he couldn't even get into Europa League or early round League Cup matches last season. He's been pegged for a move away from Tottenham Hotspur for a while now, and recently has been linked for a return to PSV Eindhoven in the Dutch League, where he had his best years. However, Gomes' agent claims that, thus far, PSV has not made any bids for him.

Pity poor Gomes. A talented shot-stopper, on his day he made some absolutely unbelievable saves. And then, well, he'd do things like this:

Gomes was never truly as bad as what this video seems to indicate. There are some on this site who claim that he's the best non-Lloris goalkeeper we have. He was good enough at PSV that Spurs signed him for £7.9m in 2008. Even after his fall from grace at Spurs, he reportedly comported himself well at Hoffenheim on loan last season. So let's be fair here and show him when he's been at his best, too.

I maintain that Gomes would be useful as a backup behind Lloris, and I'd probably even place him above Friedel at this point. But Gomes is 32 now, and when you can't get above a 41-year to get any games in the English top flight, it's probably time to look for another club. Gomes is on the last year of his contract, and if Spurs are going to get any money for him at all, the time to sell him is now. Expect him to be gone before the end of the window, even if it's not to PSV Eindhoven.

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