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Tottenham Hotspur expected to bid £20m for Christian Benteke

Aston Villa don't want Jermain Defoe or Clint Dempsey. They just want straight cash. It appears we're willing to give them a decent sum.

Mark Thompson

Are you guys ready for another window-long transfer saga, possibly stretching into a multiple window-long transfer saga? I know you are. Christian Benteke hasn't rescinded his transfer request to Aston Villa and Tottenham Hotspur look ready to pounce, as expected. As usual we have to ask you to consider the source and take this with a million grains of salt. but the Daily Star is reporting that Spurs will bid £20m for the star striker.

That's probably not going to be good enough to lock up Benteke, but it's certainly a step in the right direction for Spurs if they want to add him to their ranks. Previous rumored bids have featured part-exchanges with players Spurs are willing to cast off, with the money involved in those rumored deals something much less than Villa would be willing to accept.

Villa still reportedly want £25m for Benteke, which is perfectly fair considering his age and the number of years left on his contract. Eventually, someone is probably going to snap him up for a little less than that, plus incentives that could cause the transfer fee to rise to £25m or more, because that's how negotiations work.

Plus, we know a guy who knows a guy who met Moussa Dembele in an airport, and The Moose said Tekkers is coming. #ITK, y'all.

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