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Tottenham Hotspur pursuing highly touted Spanish youth international?

Alvaro Vadillo is one of Spain's biggest up and coming stars. Could he opt for a move abroad instead of a step up in his own country?

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Tottenham Hotspur are currently being linked all over to Real Betis and Spain youth star Alvaro Vadillo. For linkage's sake and to prove I didn't pull this out of nowhere, I first caught it in The Express. The talented 18-year-old has already made numerous first team appearances for cash-strapped La Liga side Real Betis and it wouldn't be stunning if he and his club were ready for him to move on.

Vadillo, a winger, was not first choice but did regularly feature in the first team for Betis last season. He did well to recover from a long-term injury* last summer ahead of last season and has improved to the point where he's probably a target for more than just Spurs.

*The injury was inflicted by Sergio Ramos, surprise! Ass.

Betis' financial woes were made less severe by the sale of Beñat to Athletic Bilbao, but they're still in pretty poor financial shape. They could certainly stand to sell off another asset.

Back in 2011, he was the subject of interest from Manchester United and other clubs. Betis didn't sell and their manager Pepe Mel said something super duper smart.

"We are studying offers for him and there has been a concrete one recently from a foreign team. But if he is worth 4 million euros today after playing 30 matches then, for example, he could be worth 12 million euros and so on."

What Vadillo is actually worth and what Betis would sell him for is anyone's guess, but he's probably worth more than the previously cited price of €4m and less than €12m. It seems unlikely to me that Betis would sell off their second biggest asset after fetching a decent fee for Beñat, especially since Vadillo's value is likely to go up if he has a good season in La Liga, but I'm not an expert on their finances. I just know that they're not good and they're willing to make some sales.

There's nothing concrete here yet, but keep an eye on this. Vadillo's talented enough to move to a bigger club, Spurs could definitely use a young winger and Betis need money. The sources on this rumor aren't great, but it passes the smell test.

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