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Tuesday morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for July 16, 2013

Daily Tottenham Hotspur links, today on the FIFA cover, Steffen Freund, hot weather and Luis Suarez.

Ian Walton

Happy Tuesday Spursland! It's hot, way too hot. At least where I am, you lucky southern hemisphere bastards. It is so hot out that it is easy to lose sight of life and slowly allow your brain to melt into a puddle of primordial ooze. A state at which it is easy to forget how magical life is. Don't let yourself get to that point my friends. As you read this starting your morning just remember that no matter what the day has in store for you, good or bad, there is magic in your world. For example, French toast exists. Like is there anything better than French toast? What about Skittles? Where else can you get more reasonably priced flavors? Keep your heads up gang. And don't melt into ooze, or if you do just try not to melt anywhere your ooze might encounter turtles.

And now the "news"

FIFA 14 Cover Hints At Bale Stay-Metro

Maybe my brain is still recovering from the aforementioned melting into ooze but I think Bale has also said basically he is staying another year. So does the FIFA cover really provide that much more of a hint that he is staying, did he tip his hand with that? Look, I understand it's summer and nothing is happening and you have to post stuff every day or nobody makes any money, I do. I comb through the dregs of the internet every day to post stuff here so that Kevin can live in an apartment next to drug dealers. But you need to step your game up broseph/broette.

Steffen On The First Week Of Pre Season Training-Spurs Official

When did we sign the youngest dude from LMFAO?

Liverpool Sign Stevie G To Contract Extension-SB Nation Soccer

Big deal, his best days are long and gone.

Luis Montes Hits A Rocket-SB Nation Soccer

That ball covered a large expanse of geography. I felt like writing that line all fancy like.

Arsenal Bid For Suarez As The Stars Align And Eternity Ends As The Climax Of All Evil Could Happen-The Short Fuse