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Wednesday morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links July 17, 2013

Tottenham OMG news OMG and OMG notes.

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Mark Thompson

Happy Wednesday, Spursland! OMG OMG OMG OMG. Guys, if rumors are to be believed, tomorrow the "New The" Is Coming.

And now the "news"

Villa To Fine Benteke Heavily If He Continues To No Show- Telegraph

That sound you are hearing is Daniel Levy stuffing a sack full of £50 notes and handing it to Baldini with an address for it to be dropped off.

Benteke Wants Spurs Move By Thursday- 7500 To Hotle

This is the only appropriate reaction to this news.

BAE Fights To Prevent River Blindness In Africa- Haringey Independent

River blindness -- I don't know what it is, but is sound horrific.

Cavani Joins PSG- SB Nation Soccer

Expect this to start the transfer dominos a falling around Europe. Or not.

Madrid To Offer Higuain Plus Cash For Suarez- Liverpool Offside

Higuain must feel like a piece of meat just being passed around as an add-on like that scene in Almost Famous where the dude gambles away the groupies and a case of beer. He has feelings, man. He is a person with dreams and emotions and an essence. Madrid need to show some sort of human compassion. Might I suggest a nice note and one of those deliveries with a crap load of high end meat from Omaha Steaks or something. Maybe nice bottle of wine and the box set of Boston Legal.

And Introduction To What Being "Over" Looks Like: Daniel Bryan Edition- Cageside Seats

It's just so god damn beautiful.