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Tottenham Hotspur vs. Swindon: Final score 1-1, notes from the County Ground

Cartilage Free Captain enlisted the help of a guest poster who was in attendance for our first team preseason opener against Swindon.

Mark Thompson

This match report comes courtesy of Milo Pearson, who you should follow on Twitter.

Starting lineup:

Walker Dawson Stewart Naughton
Huddlefro Bentaleb
Bale Sigurdsson Ceballos

We nearly raced into the lead after 2 minutes when Bale tried to stroke in a Walker cross at the near post but Robins keeper Wes Foderingham, excellent throughout, brilliantly saved down low.

Very soon after we hit the bar from a corner which prompted a 20 second penalty box pinball melee with Swindon eventually nervously clearing.

A goal was inevitable, and it feels somewhat boring to announce that it was again Bale who provided (happy birthday and all but man, seriously, let someone else have a go). Some of the finer details of the goal eluded me but what I can say was that it was a delicious half volley from the edge of the area into the very top left corner.

We kept pressing throughout the half with Defoe and Huddlefro both forcing good saves from Foderingham.

Second half lineup:

Smith Caulker Verts Rose
Parker Carroll
Townsend Siggy Lennon

Swindon started the second half very brightly and played some good football (for a team which my dedicated Swindon fan friends tell me have a kick-the-crap-out-of-everything- that-may-or-may-not-move-and-hope philosophy). Alex Pritchard, Spurs loanee, came an inch from a fantastic goal with a free kick bent around the wall which hit the outside of the join in the goal frame with Friedal rooted to the spot.

A few minutes later Massimo Luongo, another Spurs player, came close with a 25 yard bender which Friedal pushed over with an impressive save.

Super. Jan. Vertonghen. Boss volley man. From a corner Super Jan arrived late at the back post and van Basten-ed it across goal, narrowly missing the target.

Sigurdsson then came off and Dombaxe came on. Dombaxe was easily our poorest performer on the night, misplacing easy passes on a regular basis. It was from one of these that Williams gathered the ball and drove forward, unleashing a shot which took a wicked deflection off probably Caulker and looped over poor Brad.

Carroll came close with a cheeky chip from the edge of the area, while Townsend also sent a shot close at the very end. All in all though, a draw is a fair result from an enjoyable match. We played like it was our first game of pre-season, but there was a lot to be excited about.

Other sub used (briefly): Fryers.

Other notes:

• In a (short) conversation with the ultra cool AVB by the dug out before the game, he said conspiratorially that he ‘had a few more transfers lined up' but wouldn't say more. I mean of course it seems a bit obvious, but it's still nice confirmation that stuff is going on.

• In other news, AVB really is as cool a guy as he appears to be.

• Disappointed that Kaboul and Sandro weren't even there at all. Also no Adebayor, Disco Benny, or Moussa. Other than that (or maybe including that, I don't even know what these guys were up to), all other absences were because of recent international duty.

• The new kit looks very very nice on the players. I was not overjoyed when I first saw the kit but having seen it in action I have been converted. It's beautiful. Especially the green goalie kit.

• Alex Pritchard looks very very good. As in seriously amazing. Be very excited. He will tear League One up this season.

• Massimo Luongo also looked good. A fairly solid match for him.

• 5 of Swindon's 11 players were Spurs trained, with 3 on loan and Byrne and Barthram having recently signed. Swindon fans are welcoming this ‘partnership' we have with them.

• There wasn't enough room on the bench for everyone and Friedel had to sit on the floor. lol.

• Bentaleb misplaced a lot of passes early on, but quickly found his rhythm in a solid if unspectacular way.

• There was a weird tea break or something after 30 minutes where everyone stopped and just sat down for a bit.

• Kevin Stewart was good and very composed at the back.

• Obika is huge.

• Townsend looks on course for a good season.


• Seriously, Tom Carroll was good. I was hyping him up before the match and thank Shiva he delivered. Those through balls... WOO

• Tom Carroll is the second coming. He speaks for God now. Hdoebuflsibvlsdjhb

• Megalols at the truly horrific Daily Mail match report. The only thing they've managed to correctly report is that Bale scored. Everything else is hilariously wrong.

• Luongo is a fan favourite down here, and by scientifically gauging the atmosphere, Swindon fans (especially my friends) are getting pumped about seeing more of Pritchard.

• I shook hands with Hugo Boss and had a nice conversation with Tony Parks during the warm up. Also, Tom Carroll signed some shit for me. I feel blessed.