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Manchester United reportedly weigh up Gareth Bale bid that will go nowhere

Look, it's another stop on the David Moyes PR Tour!

Mark Thompson

Following Wayne Rooney's temper tantrum and Thiago Alcantara's decision to join Bayern Munich, David Moyes is embarking on a PR campaign of epic proportions to show fans that he has ambition to bring in world class players and ensure the post-Ferguson future at Manchester United. Yesterday, the entire British press had stories about a bid for Cesc Fabregas. Today, United's big PR bid is one for Gareth Bale.

Yes, stories from The Mirror should be taken with a huge grain of salt, but consider the language here. Generally, these kinds of transfer stories have phrases like "are expected to bid" or "are weighing up a bid". Oliver Holt went a bit more matter-of-fact with "Manchester United are making a massive £60 million bid for Gareth Bale."

Real Madrid were reportedly willing to offer £80 million for Bale, but quickly turned to other targets when it became obvious that neither Tottenham or Bale were willing to force a deal through. Obviously this situation is a bit different, with Bale possibly a bit more willing to make a move inside the country, but that's also going to make Spurs less willing to sell.

If Real Madrid were so put off by Spurs' position that Florentino Perez came out and said that Tottenham were unwilling to negotiate, what makes Manchester United think that Daniel Levy and Franco Baldini have any willingness to negotiate with them, a domestic rival?

I don't think Bale is long for White Hart Lane, but it's hard to see him leaving this summer. And if he does leave this summer, it's going to be for a hell of a lot more than £60 million.

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