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In which missing out on players we didn't bid for is news

It's a dead news day, so lots of people are inventing news. Don't freak out!

Marco Luzzani

Tottenham Hotspur are probably playing a bit of a wait-and-see game with Christian Benteke, or at least engaging in very quiet negotiations with Aston Villa. We've known that Spurs have been interested in him for a long time, so that's not really news.

There's also not really much going on with Bernard, Jese or any of the other wide players or attacking midfielders we've been linked to. The British Open and Ashes are on, and I assume most of the British media is paying attention to or covering that. I have both on!

So since there's nothing going on, it's a really fun invented news day. Everything that's come across my screen today has been on Miralem Pjanic or Leandro Damiao, two players we have, to our knowledge, not made actual bids for this summer. The Express even has a headline 'Tottenham to miss out on Leandro Damiao and Miralem Pjanic' with the fantastic subhead 'Tottenham's summer transfer plans have been dealt a double blow with the news that they are to miss out on both Leandro Damiao and Miralem Pjanic.'

I figure we stopped being interested in Damiao a while ago and that we only had passing interest in Pjanic that we gave up on right when we heard the asking price. I assume our interest in both players was either never genuine or has been dead for more than a month.

Spurs will sign a good striker and probably some other bargain player before the end of the window, but we'll continue to stay on top of things like this because they're fun.

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