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Surprise, Spurs want to keep Gareth Bale and tell United to go away

Remember when we said that rumored £60m bid from Manchester United for Gareth Bale was nothing more than a PR move? Yep.

Mark Thompson

On Tuesday, Manchester United were rumored to be weighing up a £60m move for Gareth Bale. Tottenham Hotspur have previously warned Real Madrid -- a club in a different country, a club who Tottenham have a business partnership with, a bigger club than United, a club that Bale has said he'd love to play for one day and a club whose president said he'd pay whatever it took to get Bale -- off making a bid. They didn't, even though they were reportedly going to pay £80m, because Spurs said he's not for sale and Florentino Perez knew that they meant it.

Surprise! The Mirror, the same outlet that reported the United bid, is reported that Spurs have told United that Bale is not for sale. The Mirror emphasizes that Bale will not be sold 'even for a world record £85m', which is consistent with everything that we've heard before.

David Moyes and Manchester United have to assure fans that they're still hyper-ambitious and willing to compete with the biggest clubs in the world for the biggest names in the world. They want their fans to think they're after Bale and they probably never thought they had a legitimate chance of obtaining him this summer. Don't expect this transfer saga to go anywhere. The outlet that started it squashed it after one day.

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