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Tottenham Hotspur linked to Christian Atsu? Don't hold your breath.

Let's throw out some names and see which one sticks!

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It's time for everyone's favorite hit-trolling game: Use a bunch of team names in a headline! Lots of websites like employing this technique, but I think that the Daily Express is the best. They published this post on Porto winger Christian Atsu, claiming that the Portuguese side were willing to sell him, and listed four Premier League clubs who were interested in the headline. Tottenham were one of them.

Headline tricks aside, it makes sense that Porto are willing to sell Atsu if the Bernard links are to be believed. The Atletico Mineiro star -- who has also been linked to Spurs -- has said he won't announce his future until after the Copa Libertadores ends. Porto are believed to be in the driver's seat for his signature, and if that's true, Atsu is probably expendable.

Atsu also has just one year left on his deal and doesn't seem interested in signing a new contract. Hopefully this drives his potential price down if Spurs are interested, but I can't imagine that they would be for any kind of significant fee. While Atsu is a great talent, he's yet to establish himself in the Porto first team. Players with his level of experience usually start their Premier League journeys at a club on the level of Everton or Swansea, not Tottenham or Liverpool.

Liverpool have had a bid turned down, while Tottenham appear in this headline ... because the Express felt like alerting me to this article's existence? I'd count on him signing for one of the Premier League's third tier teams, not one of the ones on the Liverpool-Spurs-Arsenal second tier.

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