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New bid for Roberto Soldado?

Apparently Tottenham Hotspur don't have all of their eggs in the Christian Benteke basket.


If a report from the Daily Star is to be believed, Tottenham Hotspur have not given up their pursuit of Valencia striker Roberto Soldado. They claim that we had an earlier £17m bid rejected and that we have upped our bid for the Spanish international to £20m.

Of course, Valencia are still saying that it's not good enough. Valencia have insisted over and over again that they're not going to budge on Soldado's £30m release clause, even though they're not in great financial shape and Soldado doesn't seem terribly interested in signing a new contract.

Reportedly, Valencia president Amadeo Salvo had this to say:

"The English team knows the situation. Valencia needs money. But we don't have to sell our best player."

There's probably some point between £20m and £30m at which Valencia will be willing to sell, but who knows whether that point is £21m or £29m. More likely than not, Spurs aren't going to be willing to pay what Valencia want, especially since it's quite a bit more than they'd have to pay for their other rumored striker target, Christian Benteke.

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