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Christian Benteke signs Aston Villa contract extension

Tottenham Hotspur's rumored striker target won't be coming this summer.

Michael Regan

Well, so much for that short-lived transfer saga. Christian Benteke will almost certainly not be going to Tottenham Hotspur or any other team that would like to purchase him this summer. He's reportedly just signed a contract extension with Aston Villa. Rob Harris dropped the news first, and an announcement from the club itself is probably upcoming.

Benteke just signed for Aston Villa last season, but he did so on very reasonable wages. He almost certainly did so because he wanted to get into the Premier League by any means necessary, knowing that big money was on the way if he could prove himself, and he was absolutely right. Whether or not he got what Tottenham would have paid him, he almost certainly got a massive raise. Benteke was rumored to be making just £20k per week and now probably makes more than double, if not triple that.

Villa has him under contract for another year and on wages that probably approach what he's actually worth. Anyone wanting to buy Benteke next summer will probably have to offer more than their previous asking price even if he doesn't have a great season. On to the next one, Franco and Daniel.

UPDATE: Here it is. It's official from Aston Villa as well now.

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