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Tottenham yet to bid for Roberto Soldado, according to club president

If Spurs really do like that cute Soldado guy, we're doing a great job of playing it cool.

Jasper Juinen

Hey, remember all those times Spurs (reportedly) made speculative bids for Valencia striker Roberto Soldado? Well, the club's President Braulio Vasquez sure doesn't, because as reported to this article in the Daily Express, he has the following to say on the current state of things over the Spaniard's future:

"At the moment we have not received any formal offers for our striker, but there are many people who have asked us about his situation. I can't say much more."

The second part of that sentence is probably worth noting, as presumably Spurs are one of the "many people" who have expressed an interest in finding out whether Soldado and Valencia would both be both open to a move after being linked to the striker for several consecutive transfer windows running. It would be pleasing to know, in the aftermath of the disappointing Benteke saga, that Spurs have at least indicated that they would be interested in entering a hypothetical race for a striker of Soldado's quality.

The fundamental problem, I guess, is that this approach isn't really a marked improvement over what we seem to do every year- minesweeping clubs with slightly less leverage over the futures of their strikers and flirt with a couple to see if any cheeky bargains come up. It was this same 'suck and see' approach, it seems, that alienated David Villa, a long-term target who implicitly accused Tottenham of lacking a personal touch after ducking a deal to join the club at the last minute and signing for Atletico Madrid instead. If we're serious about drawing in a "THE", I feel like the club is going to have to start putting down a stronger marker on the forwards we truly want, rather than simply keeping them as one of many guys in our peripheral vision.