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Wheeler Dealer Radio - Episode 71: Transfer Talk

Wheeler Dealer Radio, the Tottenham Hotspur podcast from Cartilage Free Captain, returns from summer hiatus to discuss Tottenham's transfer dealings.

Ian Walton

So, we had been planning on recording a podcast today, which we thought would bring a little joy to what had been a pretty sad week for Tottenham Hotspur fans. Then, Tottenham Hotspur went and stole our thunder by announcing the signing of Belgian winger Nacer Chadli. We thought about canceling the show, but decided it was a better idea to bring your our thoughts on Tottenham's transfer dealings thus far.

In today's show the guys discuss the signings of Chadli and Paulinho and just how both fit in to the current squad. We also talk about who might be leaving the club this summer and of course we try and figure out what, if any, striker Spurs will sign.

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