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Here's Sandro dancing on a chair and rapping in Portuguese

How much do you love Sandro? Oh, that's right, not enough.

As most of you know, Sandro has recovered to the point where he is in training and was brought to Hong Kong for the Barclays Asia Trophy. There's a chance that he could play in the team's friendly against Sunderland on Wednesday morning. He showed off how healthy is knee was on Tuesday by dancing atop a chair during a team meal while Kyle Walker recorded his Portuguese rap with his phone. Our right back was kind enough to upload the video to Instagram.

Here is a very incomplete list of things that are awesome about Sandro:

- He's the best

- He looks like he eats people

- He plays like he eats people

- His rapping and dancing suggests that he's a decent guy who doesn't actually eat people

- He averaged more tackles and interceptions per 90 minutes than any DM in Europe before he got injured last year

- He's probably a deity of some sort

<3 <3 <3

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