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Roberto Soldado asks to leave Valencia: Castles

Sunday Times reporter Duncan Castles is reporting that Tottenham Hotspur target Roberto Soldado has asked Valencia to let him leave.

Jasper Juinen

After Franco Baldini left Valencia without Roberto Soldado earlier this week all seemed lost, but now it appears that the Spanish striker actually wants to come to Tottenham Hotspur. Duncan Castles is reporting that Soldado has asked Valencia president Amadeo Salvo to reach a compromise with Spurs over his transfer fee.

Castles doesn't reveal any other new information or have any quotes, but he's been fairly reliable in the past, so I would take this as a good sign for any potential transfer. Salvo was quoted earlier today as saying "Soldado can go if he wants - for €30million and under our conditions." Tottenham made, by all accounts, a reasonable offer to Valencia of €26 million plus a further €4 million in incentives, but Salvo deemed it unsatisfactory and negotiations ended for the time being.

If this is true and Soldado really is trying to force through a move to Spurs, then he did the right thing by asking Valencia to come down in their price rather than asking Spurs to come up. Things are looking good for this deal and I wouldn't be surprised to see something go through either this week or next.

Edit: and a million grains of salt, but they have a similar story about this transfer. Here's the only bit of it that's newish and interesting. The emphasis is mine.

Club president Amadeo Salvo has publicly insisted the Spanish side will hold out for the £25m [€30m] clause in Soldado's contract - but the rest of his board want to accept Tottenham's offer.

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