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Thursday morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links July 25, 2013

Daily Tottenham Hotspur links, today on Ledley King, AVB, the neverending Bale saga and sunglasses.

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Clive Rose

Happy Thursday Spursland! In honor of your continued sojourn in the quest for Soldado, I hereby award you the reader 2:44 of dude smashing tables with other dudes. #freedom

And now the "news"

AVB Refuses To Answer Questions About Bale's Future After Loss-Sky Sports

"Objection! Asked and answered" Bryan A would say if he were both there, and a decent lawyer and not some intern saddled with receiving faxes about mutilated adult fun time bits, which is a fascinating story that you guys should ask him about if you ever meet him.

Ledley King Says Bale Is Happy At Spurs-Telegraph

You guys seem to not be listening to AVB saying he isn't leaving so now the club had to contract out. bring in some new muscle. Good day to you sir!

US through, Mexico out in Gold Cup-SB Nation Soccer

Landycakes is going to put on dem sunglasses, at which point we must call him Super-Landycakes.

The Hilariousness Of Buying Luis Suarez-The Short Fuse

A Tower Of Babylon metaphor? Yes, you want ti click on this. Let the click flow through you. Click on it and experience their panic.

Ronaldo Free Kick Breaks Child's Arm, Sends Him A Signed Jersey-SB Nation

"It's one of the most spectacular ways to break your arm". Is refinement and stoicness a required class in primary school in England like say "science" is here?I am half shocked that he didn't end it with "long live Prince George". 100% he descend of someone who was witness to the charge of the Light Brigade.

Local Sports panelists break down Into yelling match-Deadspin

At this point this is a bit dated but I need to say something here. Longtime readers will remember the great Ryan Rosenblatt saying "Sports are better than everything, always". it is something we believe is pretty spot on around here. But this should not be confused with "Sports are more important than everything, always" because that is very much not the case. Sports are fun, a distraction for the masses and a way to participate in somewhat ancient and primal tribalism. But there is a line where once crossed sports don't really matter. And in this current era of sports columnist talking head arguing shows it seems that many of each city's major columnists often forget that. This is a prime example of that. For example the least stupid person in this video seems to think that having the season opening press conference on a Wednesday instead of a Friday is a massive signal about how the team is handling a former employee's legal situation. Let's keep our eyes on the ball people, this is sports, It is supposed to be fun so please try not to sound like these self important idiots.