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Tottenham, Valencia close on Soldado deal: Cadena SER

Fran Guaita of Cadena SER Valencia says that Tottenham Hotspur and Valencia are close to coming to an agreement for the transfer of Roberto Soldado.

Jasper Juinen

According to reporter Fran Guaita of Cadena SER Valencia, Tottenham Hotspur and Valencia are deep in negotiations and close to agreeing to a deal for Roberto Soldado. He cites the price as €30 million -- Soldado's release clause. If true, it means Spurs have caved a bit on their position.

While Cadena SER in general is spotty, Guaita has been reliable this summer, calling a number of La Liga transfers early and correctly. Most recently, he got Oriol Romeu and Kevin Gameiro's moves right. He's also been consistent over the last week in stating that Valencia would not accept Tottenham's initial bid of €26 million, but that Spurs would be willing to raise it.

Obviously this is still in the rumor stage, but this is certainly positive news and, based on Guiata's recent calls, probably not completely bogus.

Edit: El Partide has their own similar but independent account of this. So, nice to know it's not just one dude.

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