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Spurs reportedly reject £80m+ bid from Real Madrid for Gareth Bale

Because this transfer saga can never go away. Apparently, Real Madrid have finally bid for Gareth Bale and seen their world record or near world record bid rejected.

Ian Walton

Figgures vary significantly from publication to publication, but a half-dozen publications are reporting that Tottenham Hotspur have rejected a bid in the neighborhood of £80m from Real Madrid for Gareth Bale.

The Mirror claims an £81m bid was rejected. The Sun says the same. MARCA can't read, has a bad converter or made a typo, because they say the bid was £80m and cite The Sun. The Daily Mail says the bid was £82m. In any event, everyone believes that a huge bid was made and rejected.

Two other outlets are signing a slightly different tune. The Guardian says that Bale is 'distraught by the refusal of Daniel Levy, the Tottenham Hotspur chairman, to consider a world record €100m - £86.3m - offer from Real Madrid.' That implies that a bid larger than the other outlets are reporting was made, or at least floated. ESPN FC is reporting that a bid of €100m (or £86.3m) was made and that Tottenham have yet to respond. I suppose it's possible that a bid of £80m was rejected and that a second bid was made that has yet to garner a response.

In any event, it seems like Real Madrid is done trying to get things done by talking about how much they like Bale and is more inclined to actually offer some money for him these days. Good luck figuring out what the next turn in this saga is.

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