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The Christian Benteke rumors are back

It's still hard to imagine Aston Villa selling Christian Benteke to Tottenham Hotspur, but that hasn't stopped the papers from pushing it hard.

Chris Brunskill

Christian Benteke just signed for Aston Villa last year and has three years left on his contract. He's on very reasonable wages. He's a guaranteed first choice player for a Premier League team in a World Cup year, where his main competitor for a starting place on his national team will not be a guaranteed first choice player on his team.

There's no reason for Aston Villa to sell Benteke and he's probably not demanding to leave, but that hasn't stopped The Mirror from declaring that Tottenham Hotspur are still pursuing the Belgian. They say that David Villa is still likely on his way, but that Spurs want two new strikers, and Benteke's the other man they want.

Here's my favorite line from this article.

Regarding Benteke, Spurs have been heartened by the fact that, despite the resistance of his club, the Belgium international has not yet committed his future to Villa by signing a new contract.

He just signed a long-term contract last year! He has a bunch of years left on his deal! Why would he have to do this to 'commit his future' to the club? And what does 'committing his future' to the club have to do with Villa not selling him this summer? Sure, they'll have to sell him eventually, but him not signing a new deal doesn't mean he's more likely to leave Villa Park this year.

I highly doubt that Spurs will get Benteke. It wouldn't be surprising to see Villa reject a bid of £25m, straight cash. They have no incentive to sell. Barring injury, his value is likely to increase over the next calendar year and they can't buy a replacement on similar wages who will produce as much for them. Randy Lerner has well and truly lost it if he forces the club to sell Benteke.

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