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Real Madrid make world record bid for Gareth Bale

Sky Sports are reporting that not only have Real Madrid made a world record transfer bid for Gareth Bale, but that the offer has been on the table for the better part of a week.

Ian Walton

At this point all Tottenham Hotspur fans are craving a resolution to the Gareth Bale saga. Whether he stays or goes may not be as importan issue for some, so much as he just picks one and sticks with it. Well, we may be edging ever closer to that resolution as Sky Sports are reporting that Real Madrid have made a record bid for the Tottenham player.

Real Madrid have made a world record bid of over £85m to Tottenham for Gareth Bale, Sky Sports understands. The bid has been on the table for over a week and Bale is aware of it and is becoming more frustrated with the situation.

The bid does not include any Real Madrid players moving to Spurs as part of a package.

Sky Sports understands Spurs chairman Daniel Levy is currently in Miami and that the club's stance - that the Wales international is not for sale - has not changed.

That's quite a few things that Sky Sports understands. I'm sure we could all come up with a much longer list of things that Sky Sports doesn't understand, but that's not really germane to this discussion. Let's break this down. First, if this bid has been on the table for a week then why has all the talk been about a significantly lower bid with a player exchange as well. Secondly, why is Levy in Miami and if that is, in fact, true, then where in Miami is he? (I live in Miami and I would like to track him down.)

I fear that the information in this piece are actually things that Sky Sports misunderstood and that we are instead no closer to an end to this saga than we were at the beginning of June.

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