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Romanian League President confirms Tottenham Hotspur purchase of Chiriches

We now have multiple reports in Romania confirming that not only have Tottenham Hotspur bid for Steaua Bucharest defender Vlad Chiriches, but that the player will be joining Tottenham Hotspur tomorrow.

Julian Finney

Reports are circulating that Tottenham Hotspur have made an offer for Steaua Bucharest defender Vlad Chiriches. Steaua's manager has even confirmed the offer according to Romanian football journalis Emanuel Rosu.

I have no idea how trustworthy Rosu is, but other sources are coming out with information regarding this transfer as well. As Rosu stated in his tweet Romanian League president Dumitru Dragomir has said to the press that Chiriches is on his way to London tomorrow to finalize everything.

"Chiricheş pleacă mâine. El e un jucător de talie mondială, dar Steaua nu cred că va acuza absenţa lui. E un fotbalist cu personalitate, la calităţile pe care le are, va fi printre cei mai buni din Premier League. Aflasem de dimineaţă că pleacă. Transferul e de opt milioane de euro. Sunt bani mulţi pentru România, puţini pentru Steaua. Dacă era născut în Anglia făcea cel puţin 18 milioane."


In the event that your Romania is a little rusty, that quote basically says that Chiriches is leaving tomorrow and that fee is €8 million. Dragomir goes on to say young Vlad is a footballer with great personality and will be among one of the best in the Premier League. He concludes by saying that if Chiriches was English he would have cost at least €18 million.

On the face of it, I'm not to bothered by this deal. I know that AVB has expressed a desire to only have four centerbacks, but when you have questionable fitness with two of them it only makes sense to add another. In the 23 year-old Chiriches, who has already been capped 18 times by Romania and has experience playing in the Champions and Europa League, Spurs add another young cultured ball-playing defender who's capable of stepping in at any moment without too much drop-off in play.

This deal seem like a steal, especially if Chiriches is as good as many seem to believe. Now if only we could go back and negotiate with Alen Halilovic.

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