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Agent's fees delaying Roberto Soldado's move to Tottenham Hotspur

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Roberto Soldado's agency, Toldra Consulting, are holding up the striker's move to Tottenham Hotspur due to a dispute with Valencia over fees owed to them.

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso

Spanish news outlet AS is reporting that while Tottenham Hotspur and Valencia have agreed to a deal on the transfer of Roberto Soldado, the transfer is currently "paralyzed" by discrepencies with the agency Toldra Consulting. You can read the full text of AS's report here. The most relevant portions state:

Según fuentes del club de Mestalla, el Valencia reclama a los agentes de Soldado que renuncien a comisiones futuras para dar el OK al traspaso. Comisiones que nada tienen que ver con esta operación porque es el Tottenham quien abonará a Toldrá Consulting por los servicios prestados en el traspaso del internacional español.

Según fuentes de Toldrá Consulting, lo que reclama el Valencia es que la agencia renuncie a cuantías pendientes de cobro y pactadas anteriormente de comisiones por otras operaciones de renovaciones de futbolistas e inclusive las relativas al propio fichaje de Soldado cuando recaló en Mestalla procedente del Getafe, comisión que se abonaría con un pagaré que vence en fechas próximas.

Because I'm a dummy, I took French in school, so I can't tell you what that says, but Google tells me that it means that Valencia claim that Soldad's agents need to waive some fees to OK the transfer. These fees are related to commision on Soldado's move from Getafe, as well as other fees and receivables agreed to during the players time at the Mestalla. The fees in question have nothing to do with Tottenham, who will be paying the agents' fees for the transfer itself.

If the deal is not completed by the afternoon today, then Soldado could be joining his Valencia teammates on a plane to the United States to take part in the "International Champions Cup" in Miami. If Soldado is not on that plane tomorrow, then chances are he'll be heading to North London.

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