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Italian international midfielder linked to Tottenham Hotspur

I'm not sure exactly why Tottenham Hotspur would want Antonio Candreva, but okay.

Claudio Villa

Welcome to today's edition of "Throw a bunch of team's names into a headline to get hits off of Google and NewsNow"! It's America AND England's favorite game show. Antonio Candreva, come on dooooooown.

The Express is among the papers linking Spurs to Lazio and Italy midfielder Candreva, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Spurs could use a creative midfiedler who is a good passer, Candreva is a good player, Lazio could definitely sell him if the price is right and Candreva would likely be willing to move to a team of Tottenham's stature. However, the fit isn't terrific.

Candreva could be the most advanced midfielder in a 4-3-3 or play any number of attacking midfield roles. He's a decent playmaker, but he's not any more of a creative passing player than Lewis Holtby or Gylfi Sigurdsson. In fact, he's very similar to the two in most ways. He's an attacking midfielder who can play wide or in the center, and is a bit better at dribbling, shooting and direct passing than ball-retention and creative passing. We don't really need him, since we already have Holtby and Sigurdsson.

I'm not expecting to see much more of this link, unless we do something crazy like immediately cut our losses on Sigurdsson.

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