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Paulinho having Tottenham medical

And finally the day has come.

Michael Regan

Our sweet prince has arrived in London, amidst (crazy people's) fears that the lack of an announcement from Tottenham Hotspur meant that something had gone horribly wrong since the Corinthians press conference at that Paulinho might not be joining the club. In reality, the dude probably just wanted to chill with his friends and family for a couple of days since he probably won't get to see them again until, like, May.

According to the BBC and all kinds of other outlets, he's having a medical today. Because Paulinho is a freaking cyborg, he'll have no problem passing said medical. Corinthians can then cash the check for £17 million and Paulinho can start training with the team.

Expect him to be unveiled along with the new kits, which I expect to be exceedingly ugly after we spent so much time mocking the bad kits of other teams. Our first preseason game is against Swindon Town, who Paulinho will almost certainly maul. I hope they don't cry too hard.

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