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Arsenal, Tottenham and Newcastle don't want Loic Remy

Remember when Tottenham Hotspur wanted Loic Remy and he went to QPR instead? Looks like we're not too willing to bail them out of that.

Julian Finney

While perusing the internet rumor mill, I came across this story from Soccerlens stating that Tottenham Hotspur and Newcastle are set to 'fight it out over QPR's Loic Remy'. It makes sense that Newcastle would be linked after they lost out on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, their top transfer target, and it makes sense that Spurs would be linked since they tried to buy him from Marseille.

However, there's not much genuine interest out there, at least according to the London Evening Standard. They're saying that QPR might have to suck it up and pay his wages while Remy sucks it up and plays in the Championship, because no one wants him. Between his reported £75k per week salary and the rape allegations against him, interest will probably stay low. While Remy has not been charged with a crime at this time, clubs are obviously hesitant to give a long-term, high-salary contract to a player who could eventually find himself in some legal trouble.

Remy looked solid for a poor QPR team last season and I'd be happy to take him on a free transfer for cover if QPR just wants to get his wages off the bill, but I'm certainly against paying a fee for anyone who has potential legal issues pending. If police state that he's no longer being investigated, that's an entirely different story. I think he's actually a very good player that could help us a lot, but paying a significant fee for him given current circumstances doesn't make sense.

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