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Napoli set to sign Leandro Damiao

The longest transfer saga in the history of forever is finally over, and thank Christ.

Julian Finney

Guys. Guys! GUISE! It's over. We can all move on. FOX Soccer (actually Sky Sports) is reporting that Leandro Damiao is set to sign with Napoli.

The article says the transfer fee is £18m, but Internacional disputes that, calling the transfer figure reported as "a lie." Regardless, one of the longest and most annoying Tottenham transfer sagas in the history of forever is finally over, and it ends as it always seems to when talking about a potential Spurs player: in tears. Well, not Leandro's tears, but whatever.

Napoli signing Leandro means a couple of things:

  1. Edinson Cavani is being sold, and probably to PSG
  2. Leandro is the Cavani replacement
  3. Spurs probably really did stop chasing him as was reported recently.
Leandro now gets the unenviable position of playing for a club that just sold one of the best strikers in the world. Good luck with that. Look, deep down we knew signing Leandro was never likely, but after all the heartache and the goalpost moving and the failed bids, it certainly feels like he SHOULD have been ours. But now we can all move on. Leandro Damiao is not going to be a Spurs player. He is not THE. Our long club nightmare is finally over, and we can now look to a future that features only two Brazilians in the club -- Paulinho and Sandro. And Gomes, but he sucks.

At least he won't sign for Southampton. Now, bring on David Villa.

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