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David Villa reportedly agrees personal terms with Tottenham Hotspur

The end of Spurs' pursuit of the Barcelona forward may be just days away, reports the Mirror.

Claudio Villa

Update: LOL English media fail. David Villa is going to Atletico Madrid.

In a sportsday which looks set to be dominated by the praising of Andy Murray for his historical Wimbledon Championship win and shock Suarez-to-Arsenal news, here's an item that might fly under the radar: the Daily Mirror are claiming that David Villa has agreed personal terms with Tottenham Hotspur, and that his long-mooted move now only depends on Barcelona and Spurs reaching an accord on the fee.

If we're going by the details in the report, then I would say that the completion of this transfer should now be only days away. The Mirror puts Barca's asking price at £8.6m, which is well within the boundaries of what Daniel Levy can be expected to drop on a star name, especially one who address such a key shortcoming with the current side. Villa's age probably won't be a sticking point that will keep Levy from loosening the purse strings- don't forget, this is the same man that dropped a similar amount on a nearly 30 year-old Scott Parker just two years ago.

I don't doubt that our chairman will seek to get a couple of million dropped off the price, but even if he doesn't manage to, then it seems unlikely that the deal will run aground at this advanced stage. This year's #weneedastriker saga may be over before the side has even played it's first formal pre-season friendly.

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