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Gareth Bale takes over Times Square in New York

Bow down to your new god, New York.

Gareth Bale, meet New York. New York, meet Welsh Jesus.

NBC continued their ad campaign for the Premier League on NBC (the Premier League on NBC, the Premier League on NBC) with a giant ad in Times Square and who did they choose to feature? Why Bale, of course. They blew him up, made him massive and let him look upon an entire city in the new Spurs kit while celebrating one of his 26 goals from last season.

Let's count the reasons NBC chose to feature Bale instead of any other player in the entire goddamned league:

  1. He was named PFA Young Player of the Year
  2. He was named to the Premier League PFA Team of the Year
  3. He was named PFA Player' Player of the Year
  4. He was named FWA Footballer of the Year
  5. He doesn't bite people
  6. White is a lovely color and makes the ad look fantastic in Times Square
  7. He's the best player in the entire goddamned league

Wise choice, NBC.

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